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Related article: BAILY S MAGAZINE. [October is credited with having been guilty of eccentric acts, but many of his staghunting exploits have been tremendously exaggerated. He Purchase Tacrolimus Online was a horsedealer in a rather small way ; he schooled horses belonging to other dealers, and partly Order Tacrolimus Online for the fun of the thing, partly to afford an opportunity for riding his horse to hounds, and partly to give his customer the opportunity of trying horses other- wise than by mere ** larking," he kept a few couples of hounds sometimes in Middlesex and some- times in Hertfordshire. He cer- tainly was not particular where he turned out his deer. His un- pretentious cart would first be driven along the road, and the deer would be ** enlarged " any- where, and so " the Druid " chris- tened him the ** arch-trespasser," but his stag-hunting establishment bore about the same relation to regularly organised packs as a pack of trencher -fed foxhounds would to the Quorn, Pytchley, Belvoir or Cottesmore. With the exceptions above- mentioned, staghunting, whether after the wild, red, or fallow deer, has been carried on quite seri- ously, while no one has ever attempted to parody the stag- hunting on Exmoor on the Quan- tocks, and when one looks at the men who have been masters of staghounds, and those who have followed the different packs, it is possible to realise to the full the absurdity of those Purchase Tacrolimus who inveigh in no unmeasured terms against hunting the carted deer. That, however, is a detail with which these remarks are not concerned. It may, perhaps, be news to some people to know that on the Laurie estate, where the Crystal Palace now stands, the Sydenham Staghounds were once kennelled in the early thirties. At one time a Mr. Russell was master. but who the other rulers were. is not to be ascertained. It is known, however, that the Syden- ham Staghounds, which were no doubt the precursors of the Mid- Kent pack, showed a great deal of excellent sport, and on one occa- sion they turned out the stag at Beckenham, and did not take him until he had left Tunbridge Wells many miles behind him. Another deer led them a merry dance from near Swanley nearly to the sea. In the main, the Home Counties have been the headquarters of staghunting ; but, as I hope to show presently, the amusement has at different times taken root elsewhere. Kent has been al- ready mentioned, and it was at the end of the last century that the Earl of Derby turned out his first stag in Surrey with old Jonathan Griffin for his huntsman, and that worthy on the day on which the famous deer " Sailor Ben " was let go, had a cap made for him, and he had to ride through a long run with no less than ^i8 in silver in his pockets. Lord Derby kept his staghounds for upwards of thirty years, and took a supreme interest in every- thing which concerned the pack. Very few hounds, it is true, were Generic Tacrolimus bred ; for Lord Derby, as a rule, bought the draft of one foxhound kennel or another, generally giv- ing preference to those near him ; but he occasionally went to Bel- voir. On his giving up the stag- hounds, the farmers in the country were so averse to their falling through, that they kept them on by themselves, with some timely help from Lord Derby, until a committee was formed to take them over. In due course Mr. Arthur Heathcote succeeded to the country, which he Buy Tacrolimus hunted for some time. He was wonderfully keen on the sport ; but Buy Tacrolimus Online was one I900. J STAGHUNTING HISTORY. 283 of the worst horsemen and plucki- est riders ever seen in the hunting field, and had he not ridden some very good horses, he might not have seen the end of some of the runs. He never appeared to have any strength of seat, and would fly out of his saddle at every fence ; but his horses managed to catch him again ; yet no fence ever turned him, either timber or water. Nothing made him more angry than to see some of his field stealing on ahead before the hounds were laid on ; in fact, he would frequently refuse to uncart the deer or to let the hounds go as long as he could descry anyone on in front. It was a favourite plan of his to have his deer-cart backed close to some formidable fence, a flight of rails, or a brook which had to be taken at once. Once over— he came to grief him- self sometimes — he would turn round in his saddle, his round smooth face wreathed in a smile, Buy Cheap Tacrolimus and in his shrill falsetto voice, he would say, " WeVe stopped thos ; tailors, you know," the last two words being a favourite phrase of his. At Epsom Mr. Heathcote was always present, ** Arthur, dear," as he was called, being his father's invariable companion. On Mr. Heathcote giving up the hounds, they eventually became the Surrey Staghounds, and under Mr. Morse Robinson, the iate Mr. Tom Nickalls and the present master have had a most success- ful career. The Sydenham Hounds, as already mentioned, were the precursors of the Mid- Kent, which have provided ex- cellent sport for their followers, while in the county of Sussex staghunting has for a long time been carried on, Mr. Lee Steere's family having for a long time been associated with the pack ; while on the other side of the Thames an ancestor of Mr. Sheffield Neave, who resigned only a few years ago, was hunt- ing the stag in Essex a century ago, and apparently enjoyed the best of sport. The County of Middlesex has been served by several packs, the Royal Buckhounds — which fifty years back enjoyed grand sport over the Harrow country — and the hounds of Mr. de Burgh, after- wards Lord Clanricarde, and these two packs used to meet at Aylesbury on the occasion of the Royal pack paying its annual visit to the Bucks town. Mr. Cosby succeeded Mr. de Burgh, and his pack was very popular, as also was that of the Hon. Grantley Berkeley, whose kennels were at Crawford. His was rather a select establishment, and things were done in quite first- class style, and with a thorough- ness which would have reflected credit upon any foxhound esta- blishment. Plenty of people used to go out with them, and Mr. Berkeley and his Order Tacrolimus Tacrolimus Online brothers gene- rally had some friends staying